The complete mobile chipper solution for safe, productive tree care

The Diamant 2000 mobile chipper by Albach gives arborists an all-in-one solution for onsite wood processing. The system combines a 1-ton loading crane with a high-speed conveyor and powerful wood chipper on a mobile platform, all controlled from an integrated control panel in the cab.


All operations controlled from the cab by one operator

Elevating cab ensures clear lines-of-sight to all equipment and throughout the jobsite

Chain-free drives prevent injuries and unplanned downtime


Integrated process converts logs and brush into various sizes of chips at 500 cu. yd/hr (380 m3/hr)

700 HP engine and active infeed drive for maximum throughput

48.4” x 38.5” (1230 x 980 mm) infeed for high-volume processing of brush piles or logs up to 18” (457 mm) diameter


“Street legal” platform with DOT approval allows self-transport at road speeds up to 45 mph (72 km/h)

Sets up in just 20 seconds for immediate operation onsite, with all equipment and outriggers deployed

Front and rear lift axles elevate for improved agility and positioning off-road

Outpace the competition by 10:1!

The SENNEBOGEN 718 cutter-handler is the perfect partner for the Diamant 2000 mobile chipper, creating a complete solution for safety and productivity in urban arboriculture.

…[this equipment] is ideal for urbanized applications like roadside & embankment maintenance, woodlot thinning, golf courses…  the two pieces together outpace [our] competition by a 10:1 clip..”

Mayer Tree Service, Essex, MN
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Watch the Diamant 2000 mobile chipper in action!


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